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Gulf Coast Investigative Solutions specializes in investigating workers compensation, liability, and medical malpractice claims. Surveillance is usually conducted for trial evidence and documentation purposes. Surveillance is completed at the request of the client, and is done on consecutive days, or on specific days and times when the person is most likely to be active. Gulf Coast Investigative Solutions is equipped with the latest state of the art video surveillance equipment.


A workers compensation claim like any insurance claim can go in many directions. The Gulf Coast Investigative Solutions investigative team has many years of experience and training in detecting the possibilities of fraud malingering and medical expense exaggerations. Gulf Coast Investigative Solutions offers services related to workers’ compensation investigations throughout the State of Florida


Adultery, infidelity, co-habitation, sexual addictions, child custody, defense of alimony and child support are just a few of the reasons attorneys, lawyers, paralegals and legal professionals from all over Florida and other areas of the United States calls on or refers their clients to Gulf Coast Investigative Solutions when there are sleepless nights, loss of appetite and many tears caused by unconfirmed suspicions and unanswered questions.


An AOE/COE inquiry can often enable an insurance carrier to make informed, prudent and timely decisions regarding the acceptance or denial of workers’ compensation claims. Witnesses are located, recorded and written statements are obtained, video, photographs and other available evidence of the scene is secured.


Interviewing is an art, studied and developed over many years. Whether your case involves a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury case, witness to an alleged crime or the possibility of employee dishonesty, you can rely on Gulf Coast Investigative Solutions. We listen to the interviewee and then ask the right questions, in the right sequence with the right follow up questions to obtain a clear and concise description of the evidence and facts. Our Investigators can provide this service without prejudice and deliver the results in the written or recorded media of your choice, again saving your valuable time and money.


One size does not fit all! Our searches are conducted in a professional, discreet and confidential manner. We customize inquiries criteria for each individual client in order to provide the information needed for effective decision making.


Discrete canvass of the claimant's neighborhood in an effort to conduct inquiries of the claimant’s day to day activities. Can be used as a prelude to surveillance.
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